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Net Connects Communities


School Visits

The artist in conversation with children from local schools: St. Saviour's C of E Primary School and St Paul's with St.. Luke's C of E Primary School, London. The visits were initiated by the artist and arranged by the Community Outreach team at Clifford Chance.  The kids learned how waste can be made into art. and how and why art can send powerful messages. The interactive talks were followed up with the artist visiting the schools to encourage creativity.

Stimulating Minds

Eliciting and enjoying the reaction of the young audiences, the artist stimulated thoughts from the next generation about NetZero and other causes they wanted to support. eg. Palestine. Their fertile minds were buzzing as they discovered how we all see things differently., that art gives us the freedom to break barriers and think BIG.  Possibilities are endless.

UCL drawing.jpg



The artist used the nets to engage Aphasia patients at UCL's Speech Centre to express their responses by drawing, writing, speaking or using gestures. The sessions were valuable in releasing trapped words and memories for those coming to terms with Aphasia.

Joy, sadness and frustrations were shared as forgotten words and thoughts surfaced. There was a healng energy. The artist continues her work with Stroke patients.

Perivale Library

Community Hive

This community is very multi-cultural like in most London boroughs. Some new immigrants were pleased to discover camaraderie and a sense of belonging through making of the nets.

Perivale Hive's Artist in Residence programme was kicked off with the up-cycling of plastic nets and stitching them together. The final installation in the Library evoked many memories of food, heritage and holidays. The nets were a metaphor for life - a safety net that the community brings and sadness when trapped by isolation.

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