One of my 3D sculptures from off-cuts

Inspiring kids to make waves before painting their interpretation (next image)

Never too young to learn!  Mum and baby in front of kids' painting in the Discovery Show

 The Net Story

Travelled 1500 miles, touched by 100 people, the Net’s colourful and fluid form adapts to its surroundings.  Made from 200 pieces of up-cycled grocery net bags, harmful waste was transformed into art for the community. It speaks of strength and fragility, of connections and gaps, of repair not despair.

It became a conduit for thoughts and feelings. It brought people together in this post pandemic period.  

In this composite image, the the Net flies high in the Pennines, in the middle it is in Granary Square, London, and below it features in Deal in Kent, with a fishing boat in the background.  In all its encounters there were unfolding stories of human interaction, of net profit and loss., of gaps in our knowledge, of wear and tear, as well as new connections in our entangled cosmic web.

Painting and Prints by Contemporary artist Anita Chanda

Encouraging kids to Make Imagine Think

Climate Change:
Say NO to packaging