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Selection of Recent Paintings, Prints & Sculptures

Painting and Prints by Contemporary artist Anita Chanda

 "Untitled"  2022  oil painting on aluminium,  120 cms


 Limited edition screen prints & mixed media collage created 2022


Sculpture made from plywood offcuts, chopsticks, and wire hangers. Using found

materials in the 'Arte Povera 'tradition

2020 - 2021

  "Water"  2021 etching and oil painting on aluminium,  110 x 80 cms. pair SOLD

  "Winter Reflections", 2017 oil painting on aluminium,  110 x 80 cms. SOLD

  "Reflections", 2017, oil painting on aluminium,  

110 x 80 cms, SOLD

  "Symphony", 2018 oil painting on aluminium,  

80 x 110 cms,

  "Rising Sea," 2018, oil painting on

aluminium  110 x 80 cms SOLD

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