"Apart yet Together", 2021

In this performance piece Anita narrates how she and her classmates in MA Arts and Science at Central Saint Martins came together during Lockdown, how their creativity created deeper bonds despite the separation.

"The Net Story - Performance", 2022

This dance performance was the culmination of the Net project. It tells the story of how she nurtured the project, enjoyed it and passed it on to the next generation.  It has several layers of meaning including our love of consumerism and entrapment.  The next generation is represented by young dancer Merve Safa Erguner and it was filmed by Younkuk Choi, her classmates in Central Saint Martins. The original soundtrack was generously composed and played by Devasis Mukherjee, Tabla Maestro, visiting London at the time of production.

"Naughty Netty", 2022

Anita created, illustrated, and narrated a net story for children using the Japanese storytelling method of "Kamishibai".  The plastic string net bags which should become extinct in time, morph into a netasaurus in this story. It threatens life in the seas. It disappears but is re-born as a colourful object the children play with.