Anita Chanda is currently on an MA in Art and Science at Central Saint Martins, London.   The focus of her inter-disciplinary research is on understanding how artists can make their narrative more compelling, participative and inclusive through play and divergent thinking.  Connecting with nature and caring about the future of our planet is what underpins her diverse body of work where she experiments with materials.  Genres include: performance, installations, moving images, and oil-paintings on canvas and aluminium surfaces.  Chanda's paintings are in collections in USA, UK, UAE and India.   


The London based artist  was born in Lincoln and has lived in many places.  She has met life's challenges, played  different roles, facilitated seminars across the world, has worked with adults and children.  Inspired by nature near home, or  far-flung places like the Amazonian Rainforest, her happiest place is taking audiences on a journey with her.