Anita Chanda connects people and places with a message: repair not despair.


Anita enrolled for a Masters in Art and Science as she wanted a personal challenge and wished to take her artistic practice into new directions. Revitalised by the creative energy at Central Saint Martins she created installations, performances, paintings, prints, and videos.  Her research was on the application of play to create meaningful and memorable experiences. There were opportunities for this on the course, working collaboratively in the Erasmus project "STEAM "and in "The Nature of the Place" Residency in Northumbria.


Born in Lincoln, lived in England and India, Anita travelled extensively from Amazonian rainforests to the Himalayas. She also travelled when working across sectors and countries facilitating training. The many strands in her life, both professional and personal, informed the making of her Net.  She travelled with her Net and connected people.  Anita firmly believes that making art and science accessible can enhance the well-being of the planet and all who live in it.  Her aim is continue finding new ways of doing this.


Her paintings have been exhibited and sold in the UK. USA, UAE and India.